My School Online (MSO) is Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ (M-DCPS) distance learning option for those students in grades K-12 who wish to continue their education full-time through innovative learning environments but still maintain their connection to their enrolled schools. It provides an option for those parents who prefer an alternative to face-to-face instruction due to the medical vulnerability of the child or another family member who resides in the same household. MSO provides access to course content and synchronous real-time interaction with teachers each day for every class. MSO provides a learning model that reflects the District’s commitment to providing students with high-quality instructional experiences and to meeting the needs of students and their families during these uncertain times.

A Day in the Life of My School Online Students

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What to Expect from MSO

MSO will give parents the ease of mind that their child is receiving the same quality education as in a face-to-face setting but through innovative teaching methods from the comfort of their own homes. Students participating in MSO will receive remote instruction from M-DCPS teachers using high quality course materials, and they will follow the standard school schedule and bell times. All core subjects will be available through MSO; however, because not all electives can be provided through an online environment, secondary elective offerings in MSO are limited. Teachers will meet with students daily and utilize web conferencing technology to provide direct instruction, administer checks for understanding, and assist students with their assignments. The daily student-teacher interactions will provide a structure similar to a classroom setting and teachers will facilitate and guide student learning. In addition to the online class meetings, teachers will be available to respond to individual students daily, providing real-time support and progress monitoring. Students participating in MSO will maintain their enrollment status at their brick-and-mortar school and can transition back to their schools when they are ready.

Parent and Student Responsibilities When Participating in My School Online

Students’ success in My School Online is dependent on both the student and parent’s investment in this innovative learning environment. Parents who elect to have their child participate in MSO agree to monitor academic progress and coursework. Parent and student responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitor student progress and contact the teacher(s) with any concerns
  • Ensure student keeps pace within his/her courses and completes all assignments weekly
  • Ensure student’s daily participation in classes and adherence to the daily class schedule